KornShell is not dead

July 1, 2017

Despite the lack of pace in development from last couple of years, ksh still remains one of the most popular shells. AT&T released source code on GitHub, but there were no updates from them for more than an year. Last commit was made by AT&T on Jan 11, 2016. I have been submitting bug fixes on the mailing list, but the patches were not added to the upstream repository as there is nobody working on KornShell at AT&T. This week they provided me commit access to the GitHub repository. The latest code was released under beta branch and I am going to build on top of it. I made several fixes this week and I am planning to do more in coming days.

There is still a decent user community around KornShell and they want to keep it well maintained. I look forward to work with them. Let’s see what we can build together!